Письмо от моей бывшей студентки


sir1Недавно снова помог по жизни своей бывшей студентке, отправив рекомендации для нее в ряд ведущих Университетов США.

И получил трогательное письмо, привожу его дословно. Вспоминается фильм «Москва слезам не верит»: «Какой-то я уж больно замечательный оказался…» И ему возразили: «Ничего, жизнь это поправит»

«Many people believe there is a disconnect between medical students and their professors. I also believed that until I came across you as a teacher. You have always done a fantastic job of being an amazing, effective, yet a different Urology Professor. You are an EXCELLENT professor so would like to write a letter of appreciation for you.

Thank you for making studying so interesting. Though it is important to be consistent, I believe it is also important for a teacher to be able and willing to teach in a variety of ways. You used such innovative ways of teaching in class, presentations, videos and discussions, it kept us engaged and coming to class!

Thank you for making the lesson relevant. Your lessons were so much easier to remember because you presented the opportunity to relate them to something we already knew. With every new lesson or term you explained, excellent examples.

Thank you for your enthusiasm! I fed off your energy. It may seem Impossible to think medical students could be alive, alert, awake, and enthusiastic for an 8:10am. But, we came excited to learn because you came excited to teach. Your constant smile created such a light and positive environment in the classroom. We as students respected your authority, yet felt comfortable enough to share ideas, ask questions, and discuss as if everyone inside the classroom was equal. That’s an environment that only few students get to truly experience.

Thank you for believing in me. Helping me even after so many years of medical school. You always showed concern, and went out of your way to help me get over these obstacles. With your encouragement and support, I will always feel that Anything is Possible!… Thank you for your undivided attention.

Though it is cliché, it honestly is the little things. You genuinely showed concern and interest in your students. You are one of my favorite professors because I believe you do more than what is required of you as an instructor. You will continue to be one of my favorite professors until I come across more to add to your ranks».